Integrate with other tools

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You can integrate Avo with your existing tools to streamline your analytics workflow:

Schema management:Workflow:
  • Slack: Configure notifications to be sent to a Slack channel.
  • Jira: Automatically create tickets with instrumentation instructions and a list of changes for review or implementation.
  • GitHub: Automatically create pull requests with an updated tracking library.


Schema Management

With Avo you can Publish your tracking plan to any downstream schema management to keep everything in sync, such as your analytics platforms, your production time validation schemas, your SQL table structures, etc. Go to Publishing to read more.


Publish to Webhook to post your JSON schema to any endpoint and sync your analytics schema with internal schema management such as production time validation, your SQL tables, etc.

Segment Protocols

Publish to Segment Protocols to sync your analytics schema downstream

RudderStack Tracking Plans

Publish to RudderStack Tracking Plans to sync your analytics schema downstream

Mixpanel Lexicon

Publish to Mixpanel Lexicon to sync your analytics schema downstream

Amplitude Govern

Publish to Amplitude Govern to sync your analytics schema to downstream

mParticle Data Master

Publish to mParticle Data Master to sync your analytics schema downstream



Configure notifications to be sent to a Slack channel:

Enable Slack notifications in your Avo Workspace

  1. Open Workspace Settings ⚙️ > Slack Integration

    Workspace settings
  2. Select Connect to Slack

  3. Follow the instructions in the popup from Slack, where you pick the channel you want to receive the notifications in

    Workspace notifications
  4. Save and enjoy!

Types of notifications delivered to Slack

  • Branches:
    • Branch created
    • Ready for review
    • Approved
    • Request changes
    • Merged
    • Closed
    • Example:
      • Solvi approved the onboarding-funnel branch 🎉
  • Comments:
    • New comment added
    • Examples:
      • Solvi commented on the Account Created event on the onboarding-funnel branch: “Should we include the role property?”
      • Stefania commented on the authentication config property on the main branch: “Should we have auto login as a property value here when we auto login the customer from the landing page?”
  • Collaborators:
    • Collaborator added
    • Collaborator removed
    • Example:
      • Stefania added Solvi as a collaborator on the onboarding-funnel branch


When you make changes to your tracking plan on an Avo branch, Avo automatically generates implementation instructions that details all changes in your tracking plan branch, with deeplinks directly to the respective event and property in Avo. When your tracking plan branch is ready for review or implementation, with the push of a button you can copy/paste the instructions directly into a Jira ticket.

Coming Soon: When a tracking plan branch is ready for review, Avo will automatically create a Jira ticket for the reviewer. When a tracking plan branch is ready for implementation, Avo will automatically create Jira tickets with instrumentation instructions.


Coming Soon: When a tracking plan branch is ready to implement Avo will auto create a pull request for your development team that includes the latest analytics changes.