Tracking Plan Audit
What is tracking plan audit?

What is a Tracking Plan audit?

Learn how to use Avo to identify issues in your existing tracking plan

The Avo tracking plan audit reviews your event and property definitions and flags issues such as unexpected naming or inconsistent types — helping you keep your tracking plan clean and consistent.

The tracking plan audit monitors every change you make in your Avo Tracking Plan and highlights if new issues arise. You can think about the tracking plan audit like a spell-checker for your tracking plan.

Furthermore, all changes on branches are also checked in the Branch Audit to see if you have introduced any new issues on your branch.

To learn more about the audit rules, see Avo's tracking plan audit rules.

The tracking plan audit only audits the plan. If you want to identify issues in your current tracking implementation and data streams, check out Tracking Observability.

What's next?

Follow the quickstart guide to import your existing tracking plan into Avo and review your first tracking plan audit in 5 minutes.