Tracking Plan Management
The Avo Tracking Plan


A quick summary of the changes made to your events

What is the Workbench?

In Avo you can collaborate in real time on defining, expanding and implementing your tracking plan. Using Branches helps you make your changes without disrupting your main source of truth with the power of approvals.

If you are already on a branch, all changes will be captured in the Review screen but the Events screen has a handy little summary at the top called the Workbench where you can have an overview of the changes you've made on your branch.

Making changes

Events that are being changed or added will populate the Workbench as you go with a change summary at the top, along with the name of the branch. On the left, next to each event will be a colored line to indicate whether it is new (mint) or changed (purple).

A picture of Avo's Workbench in the Events screen showing 3 events along with the summary of 2 of them being new and one changed event. Each event also has a colored line next to them to indicate the change state, mint for new events and purple for changed events.

What's next?