Tracking Plan Management
How to collaborate in Avo

Getting started to collaborate in Avo


All the individual items in your Avo Tracking plan can be commented on.

You can comment on events, properties, metrics, integration and many more!

Comment input Look for comment input fields like this one

Note that your comments live on the branch you are on when making the comment. Then, when the branch is merged, they become available on the main branch. That means all discussions will always be available for future reference.

Commenting during branch review

When reviewing a branch comments are brought to the highlight on the Review screen.

Branch review item Press the button on the right to add a comment

Collaborating in comments

Avo has a concept called collaborators. All collaborators of the item on which the comment is made will get notifications about that comment.

You can add someone as collaborator to any item by @-mentioning that person.

You can also use Edit Collaborators button to add or remove collaborators.

Edit collaborators UI You can edit the list of collaborators after pressing the Edit Collaborators button

Notice that when you @-mention someone they will automatically appear in the collaborators list.

Learn more about the collaborators feature in out collaborators blog post (opens in a new tab).

What's next?

Now when you when you know how to discuss your changes in Avo it's time to learn about the review options.