Import, Export and Publishing


Export your entire or partial tracking plan

Manual export in the Avo dashboard

To export your tracking plan Schema:

  1. Head to the Sidebar wheel > Export

  2. Select Export JSON or Export CSV to download your schema. If these formats don't contain all the data you need, you can reach out to us and we can enable alternative exporting options for your workspace.

Automated Webhook export

Publishing integrations can be used for exporting your tracking plan, either one of, or a recurring publishing export using auto-publishing.

To export your tracking plan on a JSON Schema format:

  1. Head to Tracking Plan > Publish in the sidebar of your Avo workspace
  2. Create a Webhook integration
  3. In the "Payload preview" section click "Click to view payload preview". When the preview has loaded you can either copy or download the JSON file. You can find more details on the format of the JSON in the Publishing docs.

You can customize which events to export by using the events filter in the webhook configuration. Events can be filtered by Sources, Destinations and Tags.

Pull JSON Schema via the CLI

You can 'avo pull' a JSON Schema representation of your tracking plan via the Avo CLI by configuring a JSON source in the Avo UI, and attach that source to the events you want to be included in the JSON Schema. Here's how:

  1. Reach out to us to enable the JSON source type for your workspace
  2. Create a new Source (in the Sources tab) and set the Source 'Development Platform' to JSON Schema
  3. Attach the JSON Schema source to the events you'd like to be included. Note that this can be done in bulk on the Source settings page
  4. Pick programming language in the "Avo Codegen Setup" tab
  5. Run 'avo pull' in your CLI to pull the JSON Schema

What's next?

If you find yourself regularly exporting, you might want to configure Auto-Publishing for your tracking plan to consistently stay up to date with a downstream tool such as your analytics platform, your production time validation solution, your SQL table management, etc.