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Avo and Linters

Avo generated code and linters

Avo obsesses over making the generated code human readable, so you can open the generated Avo file at any point of time and easily understand what's happening there.

At the same time, since the Avo file is added to your codebase as any other code you read, it falls under investigation of your linter, if you use some.

Given the variety of different linting rules we decided to not try to conform any particular one, but instead provide human readable code and exclude it from linting. That's a common practice for generated code, like protobuf files are excluded for example.

Step 1: Excluding the file

Avo generated files contain commands disabling some linters automatically, including eslint, swiftlint and pylint.

For other linters you'll need to add the Avo file to the excluded files list in the linter config.

Optional step 2: Set up auto reformat

If you wish to apply your code style to the Avo file for better readability, we recommend you to set up automatic formatter.

Some linters allow you to automatically reformat a file according to your config, for example with ktlint you can run ktlint -F ./Avo.kt and it will bring the Avo file to your code style.

You can enable this as a commit hook and keep the Avo file formatted exactly as you want automatically.