Tracking Plan Management
What is a tracking plan?

What is a Tracking Plan?

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A tracking plan is a document that defines the key stages of your customer life cycle and codifies a single source of truth for the data that supports it. Through this plan, you standardize your data management and capture better and cleaner data.

When done well, this standardized plan will help you keep your analytics well-structured and your stakeholders informed for years to come.

At a high-level, your plan should do three main things:

  • Clarify the events and properties that are relevant to your goals and customer journey
  • Explain the location in the codebase that your analytics should be added to make your developers’ lives easier
  • Summarize the reason for tracking each event and property and how they’ll be used to measure your progress.

In an ideal world, these three things—and your tracking plan in totality—should be stored as a central, shareable document that your team can update together.

Implementation status in a tracking plan

Example tracking plan in Avo

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