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2. Review suggestions in Avo

Review suggestions in Avo

Ask for a review

Role: Product, Data, Engineering. See more below

Once you have drafted changes to your tracking plan we recommend asking your teammates to review your suggested changes.

Who should be asked for a review? We typically see three types of reviewers:

  • Product team: Someone who is responsible for the related feature or user flow that verifies that the metrics mapped out on the branch suffice for their data needs
  • Data team: Someone who validates that the changes made are according to the data standard of your company
  • Engineering team: The folks who will implement the suggested changes. If the changes made affect multiple sources (e.g. iOS, Android, Web, backend) we recommend to get reviews from the teams working on each source

How to ask for a review? The first step is to mark the branch as “Ready for review”. This is done at the bottom of the review screen as seen on the screenshot below.

Ready for review

Example: Changes ready for review

Note that detailed branch statuses like “Draft”, “Ready for Review”, “Request changes” and “Approved” are only available on our paid plans. If you’re currently on the Free plan you can start a free trial today to try it out.

There are couple ways to share a review request:

  • Add the reviewers as branch collaborators (opens in a new tab): Go to the branch review screen of your branch and add your reviewers as collaborators. A collaborator will receive an email when added to your branch, when discussions are started, when the branch status is updated and when the branch is merged or closed.

Example: Add reviewer as branch collaborators

  • Share a direct link to the branch with the reviewers: Go to the branch review screen and copy the browser URL.

Follow the same process for requesting branch reviews on Avo as you would for other types of internal requests. For example if your team mostly works in Asana or Jira, create an Asana task or Jira ticket with a link to the branch review screen.

We also recommend you set up the Slack workflow integration for your Avo workspace. The Slack workflow integration will post all branch updates and comments to a Slack channel of your choice.

Additionally, with approval workflows you can configure how many approvals are required, and who can approve, before the branch can be merged.

Submit a review

The role of the reviewer(s) is to make sure that the suggested changes fit your data needs, are according to the existing standards and naming conventions, and are feasible for implementation.

The branch review screen in Avo summarizes the changes that have been suggested on the branch.

On the review screen, you can comment on every item that has been introduced or changed on your branch, ask questions and suggest changes.

"Adding comment

Example: Adding comment to the changes

To see more details about the items being changed you can click into each item on the review screen. You can add comments directly to each item. All comments made on the branch will show up on the review screen.

Example: Adding comment directly to an item

You can add a comment at the bottom of the review to discuss the overall branch, give thumbs up for approval, or request changes.

Adding comment

Example: Adding comment to the overall branch

When you are done with the review, if your workspace has approval workflows enabled, you can change the branch status to “Request changes” or “Approve”.

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