Tracking Plan Management
Archive and Restore

Archive and restore from archive

In this guide we will learn how to archive items in your tracking plan, and restore already archived items

In Avo you can archive items that you don't want in your tracking plan anymore. You can archive events, properties, property bundles, sources, destinations, categories, metrics and group types.

How do I archive an item?

Archive option on an event in Avo

In the top right corner of the item you want to archive, click the ... menu and select the "Archive ..." option.

How do I unarchive an item?

When an item is archived it is moved from your tracking plan to an archive within your Avo workspace. Archived items can be browsed and un-archived from the Command Palette (cmd+k on Mac, ctrl+k on Windows), in your workspace Activity Log and on the branch review screen.

Unarchive from the Command Palette

  1. Hit cmd+k on Mac, ctrl+k on Windows to open the Command Palette
  2. Select Unarchive from the menu
  3. Search for the name of the item you'd like to unarchive, or browse the archive by item type (event, property, metric, etc...)

Unarchive from the Activity Log

  1. Find the archive activity in the Activity Log of your workspace (opens in a new tab)
  2. Click the ... menu on the item and click "Restore"

Restore item from archive from the Activity Log in Avo

Unarchive from the branch review screen

  1. Navigate to the branch review screen on the branch the item was archived on
  2. Click the ... menu on the item and click "Restore..."

Restore item from archive from the branch review screen