Tracking Plan Management
Multiple sources on Avo branches

Multiple sources on Avo branches

For teams that have more than one platform, it often occurs that changes are made to the tracking plan for more than one Avo source at the same time.

Prepare a tracking plan change for multiple sources in one Avo branch

When designing the tracking plan changes, we recommend creating one Avo branch where you plan all the changes for all desired sources.

Merging one of many sources into Avo main

If one of the sources completes their implementation ahead of the other sources, and are merging that implementation in the main git branch, we recommend merging only that Source into your Avo main branch. For the Sources that will not be implemented for now, deselect "Implement with Codegen" on the sources that are not ready. Then you can merge the branch and create new ones for the remaining sources, selecting "Implement with Codegen", or perhaps a branch per source.

So the step by step guide would be:

  1. Create a branch
  2. Create your events and add all sources that should send the event

If one of the sources is ready and they're merging their code into their git main branch:

  1. Temporarily tag the events that should be implemented on the other sources
  2. Uncheck "Implement with Codegen" for all the sources that should be implemented but are not ready to be merged into Avo main
  3. Merge the branch
  4. Create a new branch
  5. Filter by the tag you added in step 3.
  6. Check "Implement with Codegen" on the remaining sources
  7. Share the new branch with the development teams on the remaining sources