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Workspace Notifications

Workspace Notifications

Configure notifications to be sent to a Slack channel

Enable Slack notifications in your Avo Workspace

  1. Open Workspace Settings ⚙️ > Slack Integration

    Workspace settings
  2. Select Connect to Slack

  3. Follow the instructions in the popup from Slack, where you pick the channel you want to receive the notifications in

    Workspace notifications
  4. Save and enjoy!

Types of notifications delivered to Slack

  • Branches:
    • Branch created
    • Ready for review
    • Approved
    • Request changes
    • Merged
    • Closed
    • Example:
      • Solvi approved the onboarding-funnel branch 🎉
  • Comments:
    • New comment added
    • Examples:
      • Solvi commented on the Account Created event on the onboarding-funnel branch: _“Should we include the role property?”
      • Stefania commented on the authentication config property on the main branch: “Should we have auto login as a property value here when we auto login the customer from the landing page?”
  • Collaborators:
    • Collaborator added
    • Collaborator removed
    • Example:
      • Stefania added Solvi as a collaborator on the onboarding-funnel branch