Import, Export and Publishing
Mixpanel Lexicon

Mixpanel Lexicon

Publishing your tracking plan to Mixpanel Lexicon



The integration to Mixpanel Lexicon (opens in a new tab) allows for your Tracking Plan to be published into Mixpanel Lexicon whenever a branch is merged in your workspace or with a push of a button.

Configure the Lexicon integration

To enable the direct integration with Mixpanel Lexicon, you need to configure it with the following parameters from Mixpanel.

Publishing to Lexicon

To publish your Avo tracking plan to Lexicon, click the "Publish to Lexicon" button in the integration interface, or enable Auto Publishing to publish the events included in the publishing integration whenever a branch has been merged.

On publish, Avo will merge your Avo tracking plan with any existing events in Lexicon. Any changes made to an event in Lexicon between Avo publish will be overridden on next Avo publish.

Avo will not impact any events that are only defined in Lexicon, or events that have not been added to the Lexicon integration in Avo.

What Is Included In The Publish to Lexicon?

Here's how the Avo Tracking Plan is mapped to Lexicon:

  • Events
    • Event name
    • Event description
    • Required property names
    • If the event has additional properties
    • Event properties
      • Property name
      • Property description
      • Property type
      • Metadata
    • Tags
  • User Properties
    • Property name
    • Property description
    • Property type