Getting Started

Get Started With Avo

Below are the key areas to consider when getting started with Avo. You can start them in any order or in parallel, and skip those you don’t think apply to you.

Get an overview of your current state of tracking with Inspector

Avo Inspector gives you an overview of your current state of tracking and highlights issues and discrepancies in your tracking. Once you have your tracking plan in Avo, it flags discrepancies between your tracking plan and your actual tracking so you can see which events in your tracking plan are actually implemented and whether they’re being sent correctly.

Inspector also gives you an implementation status for every analytics release in your Avo Branch, available for dev, staging and production environments. This gives you confidence and visibility into the status and health of the event implementation.

Try the Avo workflow for your next analytics release

If you have an analytics release coming up in the next few days, we highly recommend you try out the Avo Workflow for that release.

The Avo workflow covers all the steps required to plan, review, request implementation, implement, validate and publish your analytics release.

The Avo Workflow: Plan, review, implement, validate and publish your tracking changes

We recommend your first “full-circle” release in Avo be a small one, for example a product release that includes a handful of new or updated events. This will enable you to quickly go through your first analytics release in Avo, from start to finish.

Import your tracking plan into Avo

If you have an existing tracking plan we recommend importing it into Avo.

In the guide below you'll find information on what to consider before importing, how to import, and our suggested next steps after the import is completed.

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