Tracking Plan Management
Organizing Multi Product Workspaces

Organizing Multi-Product Workspaces

For companies that have multiple products or multiple games, we recommend using a single workspace in Avo for the tracking plans for all of them. Having a single workspace enables companies to reuse events and properties across products/games and that way prevent discrepancies between them.

To organize the events and properties; sources, categories, tags and event property bundles can be used. All of those ways to organize can also be used to filter, to create a relevant view for each use case.

Sources represent each codebase, whether the code base is shared across products or individual for each product x platform. You can use sources to configure whether properties are always, sometimes or never sent with an event and configure string constraints that are applicable for each product. So you'll have a source for each product and each platform like:

  • Product A – iOS
  • Product A – Android
  • Product A – Web
  • Product B – iOS
  • Product B – Android
  • Product B – Web
  • etc…

Categories could be used to make collections of events such as:

  • Core events – a category of events that are applicable for all products/games
  • Genre specific events – a category per group of events that are applicable for specific genres or subject matter (in a game example there could be "Battle events", "Puzzle events" etc.)
  • Product/Game specific events – events that are specific for each individual product or game

Tags could be used for anything else that you would like to organize your events by. Examples of how tags have been used: – Countries that the events are applicable for – Team ownership of the events – User journeys

Event property bundles can be used in a similar way as the categories, bundling properties together that are commonly used together on events.

Below is an example of a tracking plan for a game company that has 3 games; Game A, Game B and Game C:

Multi-product tracking plan

Example tracking plan for a game company with three games in one Avo Workspace.

And below is an example of the tracking plan being filtered on events for Game A and Discovery team only:

Multi-product tracking plan filtered

Example tracking plan for a game company with three games in one Avo Workspace filtered to view only events sent from Game A and tagged for the Discovery team.