Fixing data quality
in product analytics

Avo helps teams plan, implement and verify analytics, so they don't fly blind and fail to build great user experiences.

Currently making data teams more productive at...
Making teams more productive at...

What our customers say

“Avo saved my sanity when juggling our tracking plans”

We now generate analytics within minutes of a new feature launch because of the pre-work we've done in Avo.
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Claire Armstrong
Director of Digital Product at Fender

“Buying Avo was possibly the most impactful decision I've made”

I don't know how product companies do any analytics without Avo. It's become the foundation of our analytics.
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Nicholas Threapleton
Lead Product Analyst at Culture Amp

“The best data governance platform for your analytics events”

Overall I’m very happy with the product and our data quality improves on a daily basis.
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Tomi Keah
Senior Data Analyst at Zenbusiness
The problem we solve
workflow|in-house solution

doesn't scale
Illustration of spreadsheet file being compared to a code editor window
No single source of (actual) truth
Event details don’t get updated and there’s no enforcement of naming conventions.
Illustration of a complex workflow
Disjointed release processes
Planning, reviewing and validating happens over multiple platforms, making it hard to keep overview.
Illustration showing the slow process of coding analytics events
Tedious implementation
Implementing events correctly is boring and time-consuming and often becomes an afterthought.
Primitive quality control
Event health is monitored manually and it’s hard to tell which events are being used where.
How we Help
Avo helps you ship faster without compromising data quality

Error-proof your tracking plan

Get instant feedback on your events and properties to keep your data clean and consistent.

How it works
Upload your existing tracking plan with a single, quick import or start fresh
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"Avo has given us a clearer picture of what inconsistencies our tracking has, and the power to know exactly what issues to fix, so we can work towards prioritizing and resolving them"
Damian Sima
Juan Jose Villegas
Head of engineering at Rappi
Simplified product image of the Avo Collaboration interface
Work smoothly on multiple updates with a branched workflow

Collaborate seamlessly

Empower your growing team to collaborate on tracking while maintaining one source of truth.

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Ship tracking 10x faster

Speed up delivery and reduce errors by generating instructions for implementation

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...or use our code-generated, type safe tracking SDK
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With Avo we reduced the time of implementing from 4 days to less than an hour. What has historically been a source of friction across multiple teams is now seamless.”
Jason Byttow
Jason Byttow
Engineering Manager at Patreon
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Avo doesn’t access any of your data, just the schema

Verify that vital events are sent correctly

Automatically monitor and compare your tracking to your source of truth to make sure you are getting the correct insights

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Publish to any downstream tool

Maintain sync with your analytics platforms, production time validation schemas, SQL table structures etc.

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Logos of tools that integrate with Avo, Segment, Mixpanel, Rudderstack, Google Analytics, Posthog, mParticle and more
We’re always adding new integrations, let us know if you’re missing one
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