How to reset the Tracking Plan

1 minute read

You might find yourself in the position where you want to start fresh and restart your Tracking Plan. This guide covers how to do exactly that.

🔒 Note that resetting the Tracking Plan requires Admin privileges. Learn more about roles and permissions in the members and roles guide.

What happens when I reset my Tracking Plan?

Tracking Plan reset removes all events, properties, metrics, tags, categories and publishing integrations from your workspace. The reset will also close all currently open branches.

Sources, destinations, workspace members and permissions, Slack integrations and Inspector will not be affected by the reset.

Got questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out.

How do I reset my Tracking Plan?

  1. Make sure you're logged in as an Admin
  2. Head to the workspace settings modal. Click the gear icon next to your Tracking Plan name in the sidebar > Workspace Settings
  3. Open the Danger Zone tab in the workspace settings modal
  4. Click the "Reset Tracking Plan" button. The reset will take a couple of seconds. When successful you'll be redirected to the now empty events screen.
The Danger Zone in the Workspace settings modal