Get Avo Functions without using Avo CLI

1 minute read

💡 Avo Functions are type-safe wrappers around your analytics event tracking calls, to make it easier and faster to implement your analytics tracking calls. Read more about Avo Functions here.

Avo Functions are generated based on the events in your tracking plan, so when an event is updated in your tracking plan, you generate the code again to get the updated implementation requirements applied to your type safe analytics code.

We recommend connecting your repository to a Source in your Avo Tracking Plan, because then all you need to do to update the generated code is run avo pull from your terminal, and that will update the generated code.

Check out the Quickstart guide to setting up the Avo CLI

Download Avo Functions manually

If you want to skip setting up the CLI for some reason, you can Download or Copy the Avo Functions manually:

  1. Navigate to the Functions tab in the sidebar
  2. Select your source
  3. Go to "Avo Functions Setup"
  4. Scroll to the bottom and press "Click to generate your Avo file"
Implementation - Click to generate your Avo file

Your file will be generated after that and you'll be able to download or copy it from there.