Avo Inspector

Find out what’s wrong with your data

The first step to better analytics governance is knowing what’s wrong with your data today.

Analytics debt seem insurmountable?

Teams spend months and years and pay for expensive data audits, only to be left with unrealistic fixes and longer to-do lists. Stop wasting human time to detect and prioritize issues with your tracking.
“In our first week with the Avo Inspector, we already discover tracking issues like missing properties and type mismatches. Now we know what to fix and can do that with Avo.”

Damian Sima

Head of Engineering, Rappi
How Inspector works

Quickstart your journey to better data

The way to resolve data debt is not a flag-day cleanout. The only way to tackle it is to add rigor to important metrics step-by-step, while continuing to observe your data debt's moving target.

Inspect your current tracking automatically

Install the Inspector SDK to observe a living summary of current tracking across platforms. Inspector doesn’t gather any user data, only event shapes and volumes.

Analyze tracking issues instantly

Inspector dashboard highlights your current event tracking issues, so different stakeholders can discuss and prioritize what to fix.

Prioritize what matters

The Inspector dashboard gives you and your team the overview you need, to prioritize the tracking changes that will have the biggest impact on cleaning up mission-critical metrics so you can make progress quickly.

Clean, step-by-step

Use your complete overview of what needs to be fixed across platforms, to fix top priority issues with clear event and property definitions, implemented with type safe analytics.

Future proof

Great product analytics help teams make the best decisions to grow their business. Truly useful metrics for today and beyond, are transparent -- where everyone knows which events can help answer their questions, and reliable -- consistent data, easy to evolve and implement as the product grows.

Getting started is easy

Avo is the cure to analytics debt. Install the Avo Inspector today to quickly get a deep understanding of your existing product analytics issues and how you can improve them, step by step.
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