From observability
to action

Use Inspector to uncover and fix your data inconsistencies. With a view of all your data quality issues in one place, you can systematically move towards better data, one resolved issue
at a time.

Stay on top of your data quality

Inspector gives you the tools to tackle your data quality issues, fast

Visualize your event tracking

Get a detailed breakdown of your event data tracking issues in one place

Set custom alerts

Custom alerts help you stay on top of important issues

Easily build and maintain your tracking plan

Add unexpected events to your tracking plan from live data in a few clicks

Meet your data quality to-do list

Systematically get to better data, one resolved issue at a time. 

Inspector makes this possible by extracting the schemas of your event data so you can visualize and conquer messy data upstream, where the data is created.

Inspector docs

Never miss a beat with custom alerts

Be the first to know about critical data quality issues with custom alerts via Slack.

No need to manually check for missing properties, multiple types for a single property, or other issues.

Inspector alerts docs

Manage a tracking plan based on live data

Inspector makes it easy to build and maintain your single source of truth.

Add events to your tracking plan with a single click. Update event definitions according to live data.

Inspector and tracking plan docs

Ready to go in 89 seconds

From install to live observability, Inspector is ready in under 89 seconds. Set up Inspector via your CDP and get to work on your data quality right away. 

No CDP? No problem. Install via GTM or via a custom SDK.

Inspector setup docs

Common questions

Does Avo Inspector access any customer data?

No, Avo doesn’t collect any user data. We only collect metadata about your user data. Read more on what kind of data Avo collects.

Will Inspector work for my platform?

If you send your events through a CDP (Customer Data Platform) you can configure the CDP to route the event metadata to Inspector by setting up an Avo Inspector destination. Avo currently supports Segment, RudderStack and PostHog.

If you’re not using one of the supported CDPs you can send events data with an SDK. Inspector has SDKs for iOS, Android, Web, React Native, Node.js, Flutter and Java.

Not seeing your platform or CDP in the list? Contact us if you want to see it added.

Do I need to replace my existing tracking code?

No, you don’t! The Avo Inspector integrations are designed to not require any changes to your existing tracking code. Read more on setting up the Inspector here.

If you have an uncommon question, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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