Data observability for your product analytics

Avo Inspector continuously observes the state of your event instrumentation, both in development and production and immediately uncovers and alerts you on new issues

Be on top of your data quality

Inspector gives you the tools to tackle your data debt and never miss a data bug again

Immediate overview over your tracking health

An overview over the actual state of your event instrumentation.

Automatic alerts tailored to each team

Customizeable alerts on new issues uncovered in your production data

Tracking plan powered by live data

One-click tracking plan creation and edits based on live data.

Without Avo, our data warehouses would be mayhem with unreadable data and very difficult to navigate!

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David Álvarez
Product Manager at Bitso

Quick setup – Instant overview

Inspector collects your data structures and gives you a list of all the events that are sent from each platform, their properties and volume.

Spot duplicate events, uncover type inconsistencies and easily pinpoint the platform and version responsible.

Automatic alerts for data violations

Be notified of new data contract violations. Customize your alerts so that each team is notified on issues with the events they care about.

No need to manually check for missing properties, multiple types for a single property or other issues.

Manage a tracking plan based on live data

The Inspector and the tracking plan are tightly connected so that you can set an ideal standard for your tracking and compare it to reality.

Add incoming events and properties to your tracking plan with a click of a button. Update event definitions according to live data.

Easy setup without developer time

Set Inspector up with your CDP to start learning about the actual state of your current tracking. No need to ask a developer!

If you don’t have a CDP, no worries! We also offer an SDK that is easy to set up.

Common questions

If you have an uncommon question, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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Does Avo Inspector access any customer data?

No, Avo doesn’t collect any user data. We only collect metadata about your user data. Read more on what kind of data Avo collects.

Will Inspector work for my platform?

If you send your events through a CDP (Customer Data Platform) you can configure the CDP to route the event metadata to the Inspector by setting up an Avo Inspector destination. Avo currently supports Segment, RudderStack and PostHog.

If you’re not using one of the supported CDPs you can send events data with an SDK. Inspector has SDKs for iOS, Android, Web, React Native, Node.js, Flutter and Java.

Not seeing your platform or CDP in the list? Contact us if you want to see it added.

Do I need to replace my existing tracking code?

No, you don’t! The Avo Inspector SDK is designed to not require any changes to your existing tracking code. Read more on setting up the SDK here.