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We’re solving a personal pain point of broken analytics. We all worked together on a game called QuizUp (100M+ users) where we used metrics to make decisions. The problem was, we repeatedly shipped code that broke our analytics – because the implementation process was terribly error-prone and disjointed. It was driving everyone involved mad, be it a product manager, developer, data scientist or QA. So we built internal dev tools and processes that made implementation easier and our data more reliable

Now, five years later, we’ve built Avo to solve this problem for more people.

The Team

Stefanía Ólafsdóttir
Cofounder / CEO
Árni Hermann Reynisson
Cofounder / CTO
Sölvi Logason
Cofounder / Product
Þóra Guðfinsdóttir
Product Analytics Expert
Alexey Verein
Software Engineer