Our mission.

We strive to empower businesses to build better product, by ensuring they can ship fast without compromising data trust.

For any online business, it’s increasingly critical for companies to understand their customers interests, behaviors, and experiences. To put it bluntly: understand your customers or someone else will. However, planning and implementing product analytics is inefficient, disjointed, error prone, and cumbersome.

We are developers and data scientists who solved this problem at scale at QuizUp (100m users, backed by Sequoia and Tencent). Before Avo, product teams have been forced to choose between product delivery speed and data quality.

Today, Avo is trusted by product teams such as TripAdvisor, Sotheby's, Skip, Fullstory, and Patreon to ship product fast without compromising data quality.

The Team.

Stefania Olafsdottir
Cofounder / CEO
Árni Hermann Reynisson
Cofounder / CTO
Sölvi Logason
Cofounder / Product
Christine Yang
VP Business Development
Thora Gudfinnsdottir
Solutions Architect
Alexey Verein
Mobile Developer Experience
Kristleifur Dadason
Developer Experience Developer
Hugi Hlynsson
Product and Web Development
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