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Our vision is to transform how companies around the world treat their analytics. We focus on building outstanding tools for developers and product teams, so they can ship and test products fast, without sacrificing data quality. We welcome talented people from all backgrounds, remote or onsite in San Francisco or Reykjavik. Come join us!

Companies today need to provide outstanding digital experiences in order to stay competitive. Product development needs to move at lightning speed with reliable information about what is engaging customers and end users. Implementing product analytics is inefficient, disjointed, error prone, and cumbersome, and often, efforts to solve this with custom solutions slows down product innovation.

We are developers and data scientists who solved this problem at scale at QuizUp (100m users, backed by Sequoia and Tencent). We built Avo to help other product teams easily implement analytics with confidence. Avo removes the error-prone interplay between developers, PMs, and analytics managers with a simple UI designed to make collaboration easier, faster, and more reliable. Avo speeds up implementation and prevents errors in tracking code with state of the art developer tools such as type safe SDKs and automated testing for analytics implementation.

Today, Avo is helping product teams, including TripAdvisor, Sotheby's, Skip scooters, Fullstory, and Patreon keep up their product delivery speed without sacrificing data quality.

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We're looking for someone with experience in developer tools and a passion for creating outstanding developer experiences to join our team.

We're looking for someone with experience building web applications and a passion for creating outstanding user experiences.

This role is for you if you see no ceiling to what you can learn and accomplish. We're looking for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, driven to make things work and get things done, to join our team and take our operational efficiency and innovation to the next level.

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