A Tracking Plan made for collaboration

Graduate your tracking plan from Spreadsheets to source controlled schema management. Collaborate on designing quality data, faster, with real-time feedback based on your team’s standards

Frictionless data design

Collaboration on designing quality data has never been faster – or more fun!

Data design toolkit

A reusable library of events, properties and property bundles with real-time feedback

Branched workflows

Designed for seamless collaboration across multiple teams and producs

Single source of truth

Define data structures in Avo and link them across codebases and schema registries

Prior to Avo only 1-2 analysts could make changes to the taxonomy and without branching, we could only manage a single change at a time. With Avo we have all our teams creating branches of changes that can be QA'd by the team.

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Nicholas Threapleton
Lead Product Analyst at Culture Amp

Consistent events, faster

Design complete and consistent data structures faster by re-using events across platforms and properties across events. Bundle related properties into property bundles to quickly add them to your events.

Get real-time feedback when creating new events and properties to prevent duplicates or inconsistent casing.

Made for collaboration

Branch out from your main tracking plan for an easy overview of the suggested changes and automatic consistency audits.

Align with your team before implementation, with in-context comments and approval workflows.

A true single source of truth

Avo is the single source of truth schema library of events and properties that you can integrate with your downstream tools.

Make changes to your event structures once and see them reflected across products, platforms, codepaths and schema registries.  

Common questions

If you have an uncommon question, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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Is Avo a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

Avo does not collect and route your data to other destinations so, no, Avo is not a CDP. Avo makes sure that the tracking calls you make to your CDP or analytics tool are according to spec so that you can make product decisions based on quality data.

What is a tracking plan?

A tracking plan is a central document that everyone in your organisation can refer to for data management best practices. It standardises the events and properties you track, determines where within the code your analytics should be placed, and outlines the reason why each event is being tracked in the first place. I the past, teams have most often managed their tracking plans in Spreadsheets. However, spreadsheets don’t scale and that’s where Avo helps. Read more in our What is a tracking plan and why do you need one blogpost.

How do branches work?

In Avo there is the main tracking plan that acts as a source of truth for your production data structures. You can branch out from the tracking plan, creating a draft state of the main one, to make changes without affecting others. Once the suggested changes have been reviewed, approved and implemented, you merge the branch, updating the main tracking plan to include your changes. Read more about branches in our docs.