Product Changelog: Super serious tracking quality with Avo
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Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

March 3, 2022

Product Changelog: Super serious tracking quality with Avo


Before we dive in:

We are doing a webinar with Timo from Deepsky Data next Wednesday, where Timo will put Stef, our CEO, on the spot with juicy questions around tracking plans and data collection, and why and how you should get super serious about your tracking data quality.

In the webinar we’ll dive deep into…
…how tracking plans and testing help data quality

…the best ways to manage tracking (hint: it’s not a spreadsheet)
…the crucial role collaboration and communication plays in data quality

Join us March 9 @ 11am GMT / 12 noon CET for some serious learning ->

… and stay tuned for more exciting Avo community events. Have ideas for sessions you’d like to attend? Hit reply with your ideas.


In February we went deep into the core user experience of designing and navigating your tracking plan in Avo. We revamped navigation, making it easier for you to navigate between items in the tracking plan while staying in your tracking plan design zone. We also shipped the ability to configure your naming conventions and audit rules in the Tracking Plan Audit, in addition to a long list of bug fixes and improvements—as always!

🎚 Customize your tracking plan audit

Tracking Plan Audit Config

Avo validates your tracking plan against a number of industry best practices in real-time to help you progress towards a well defined tracking plan. Now you can configure the preferred naming conventions of events and properties, whether to require descriptions or not, and every other aspect of your tracking plan audit.

The tracking plan audit config is editable for Admins on workspaces on the Team and Enterprise plans. Workspaces on the Enterprise plan can additionally choose to enforce casing when creating and editing event and property names, ensuring that the tracking plan moves towards a better state with every change. You can learn more about the available audit types and configuration in the Tracking Plan Audit docs

To celebrate the launch of customized tracking plan audits we’ve started a Tracking Plan Challenge. Can you get your tracking plan audit to 100% ✅? Join the challenge on Twitter ->

📌 Smooth workspace navigation with a new drawer UI

Event in a drawer in the Avo Tracking Plan

When working on your tracking plan in Avo you may need to look at multiple different items—metrics, events, properties, categories, etc—and we noticed that users sometimes felt like they got pulled out of their workflow jumping between these items. To address this we've decided to expand upon the drawer UI pattern which we've come to know from the Events and Properties views and make it stackable. 

Now you can either dig deeper, go back or dismiss the drawer in its entirety, all while navigating within the same context and not being thrown around the app depending on where you click 😌

This change is only the first step in creating a more habitual experience in navigating within Avo but also lays the foundation for some other exciting stuff which we're pumped to get working on. Stay tuned. 

As always, we're stoked to get feedback on how things are running for you and if this new flow affects how you navigate Avo. Hit reply to this email with your thoughts!

Other bug fixes and improvements

The Avo workspace

  • Iterated on the Command Palette (cmd+k / ctrl+k) based on all your amazing feedback
  • Enabled bigger imports to the main branch 
  • Fixed a bug in the Tracking Plan export where Property Groups were not included in some edge cases
  • Fixed a bug in the Events sheet view where editing lists wasn’t working as expected
  • Fixed a bug in the Event Triggers, making it impossible to close after archiving the last trigger
  • Fixed a bug on the branch changes screen where popups disappeared under the header
  • Fixed a bug on the branch changes causing weird destination diff when adding and removing a source from events
  • Re-enabled you to edit Group type names in the Properties view

Avo Functions

  • Shipped Group tracking support in Avo Functions for Android Kotlin and Java, and improved the Group tracking in Avo Functions for Swift
  • Updated the Destination Interface in Typescript to make sure it compiles with all the latest tsconfig flags
  • Updated the Segment SDK web snippet from 4.13.2 to 4.15.3 in Avo Functions for Javascript, Typescript and Rescript
  • Updated the Mixpanel script tag in Avo Functions for Typescript, Javascript and Rescript


  • Fixed a bug causing unknown sources in the Inspector to show up weird
  • Fixed a bug in the Inspector dashboard where unexpected properties were displayed without any volume

Import, export, and publishing

Thanks for your invaluable feedback to allow us to make Avo better every day and for your patience while fixing bugs when we’ve perhaps moved a little bit too fast.

That’s all for now! Let us know what you think, and what you think we should build next, by hitting reply to this email 🤗

Love from the product team @ Avo 💛

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