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Avo is proud to partner with Mixpanel, where you get valuable customer insights to make smarter decisions and act faster based on user behavior.

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Take the busywork out of analytics

Import your Tracking Plan in seconds
Start finding insights and errors right away
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We’re changing how PMs, devs and data scientists collaborate to plan, track and govern their product analytics. Our best-in-class suite includes branched workflows, peer reviews, in-app debuggers, CLI tools, and a clean tracking plan UI for superior data design.
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Better Data Design

Avo makes it easier to design good data while helping you create a holistic tracking plan. Catch noise before it ends up in your data set. Your charts will be easier to understand and more accurate.

Collaborate & Align

Stop redoing work between spreadsheets, tickets, and analytics platforms. Define your events, properties, and metrics once. Sync with Mixpanel Lexicon and other existing tools, and share knowledge with all stakeholders.

Auto-Publish to Lexicon

Automatically publish your updates to Mixpanel Lexicon each time you merge a branch in Avo. Information is always readily available and up-to-date for every team member.
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What is Mixpanel?

With Mixpanel, you can analyze user interactions with your web and mobile applications. Mixpanel enables powerful self-serve analytics to answer any question about which features are popular, who your power users are, and tie behaviors to longer term retention. Simply extract the data you need without needing to write SQL or waiting for someone else.

How does Avo work with Mixpanel Lexicon?

Mixpanel and Avo go together like toast and avocados. Design, implement, and collaborate on your tracking plan in Avo. Avo will validate that your implementation matches your designed data before reaching Mixpanel.

Then, publish your tracking plan to Mixpanel's Leixcon to have always-up-to-date event metadata like categories, descriptions, and property types in your charts.
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What our customer have to say

Huge unaddressed painpoint in implementing great analytics. This is one of the biggest problems our customers have with making Amplitude successful.
Spenser Skates
CEO and co-founder at Amplitude
If you’re a developer in charge of analytics, and worry about accidentally breaking the analytics code each time you deploy... You should be using @avohq
Solomon Hykes
Co-founder of Docker
Avo is the best way to manage your analytics and make sure they are right. I love that there's only a single line of code for all of our analytics....
Ashutosh Priyadarshy
COO at Teatime

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Build a self-service analytics culture that supports everyone in making data-driven decisions with Avo.
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