Avo x Amplitude

Avo integrates seamlessly with Amplitude.
Ensure your team can trust your Amplitude data to make product decisions.

How do Amplitude and Avo work together?

Amplitude and Avo go together like toast and avocados. Use Avo to collaborate on your tracking plan with your team. You can design exactly how your events and properties should look, before they are implemented and sent to Amplitude.
With Avo, developers get detailed instructions on how to implement Amplitude events and tools to validate that the implementation is according to spec.

Understand the state of your Amplitude implementation

You can use the Avo Inspector to get a report of the state of your current Amplitude implementation and alerts for new issues. Use the report to prioritize issues to fix using the branched workflows in Avo.

With Inspector you get alerts on new issues in the data sent to Amplitude. That way you’ll never miss important issues in your data like when an unexpected event or property is accidentally pushed to your production Amplitude project.

Learn how to get the current state of your Amplitude implementation ->

Collaborate with your team on your Amplitude tracking plan

Avo is the single source of truth for your Amplitude tracking plan, that replaces the typical tracking plan spreadsheet. Folks from data, product and engineering use the branched workflows in Avo to collaborate on designing metrics to visualise in Mixpanel and the event structures needed to build the charts.

Include descriptions and screenshots with your events to help your entire organization understand what the Amplitude data means.

Learn how to manage your Amplitude tracking plan ->

Never doubt your Amplitude data again

Avo generates implementation instructions and type-safe code based on your tracking plan and provides validation tools. That makes sure your tracking plan is always in sync with implementation and Amplitude events are implemented exactly as planned.

That way you can trust that your Amplitude data is correct and can confidently make decisions based on it.

Learn how to reliably implement and validate your Amplitude data ->

Keep your tracking plan in sync with Amplitude Govern

Automatically publish your tracking plan from Avo to Amplitude Govern to enrich your Mixpanel data with descriptions and categories from Avo.

Events and properties that are published to Amplitude Govern are automatically marked as planned and you don’t have to worry about configuring them in Govern before being able to use them in your Mixpanel dashboards.

Learn more about how to enrich your Amplitude data here ->

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