New in Avo: Triage Inspector Issues with Issue Status and comments
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Simon Pickerill

Simon Pickerill

December 21, 2023

New in Avo: Triage Inspector Issues with Issue Status and comments

How are the New Year’s resolutions going?

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I promise myself every year that this year will be different. I swear I’ll finally lose weight, exercise more, read more books...the list goes on.  

But it’s hard to stay on track. Especially when it comes to complex problems like fixing your data quality issues. And just like those resolutions, data bugs can weigh us down, preventing us from kicking off the year on a positive note.  

To help you get your January off to a good start, the Avo team has been working on some shiny upgrades to the Avo Inspector we can’t wait to share, including: 

👉 A new field: “Issue Status” to help you triage data quality issues

👉 Issue comments and Activity Log to make collaboration easier 

✅ Update your issue status for better collaboration

Imagine your data quality workflow like a “to-do list”. It should be quick and easy to see what needs to be fixed, what can be ignored, and what you’ve already completed. 

Not only does this help you triage your issues, but it should also make it easier for you and your colleagues to focus on fixing issues, without the “noise” of unimportant tasks clogging up your in-tray. 

That’s why we’re excited to share Issue Status within Avo Inspector. This lets you select from three types of status:

🔴Unresolved: For issues that still need to be fixed 

You can think of “Unresolved” issues as your “to-do” items. These are the outstanding issues that need to be worked on. 

By default, all new issues detected in Inspector will show as “Unresolved”. They’ll also appear in the all issues view and in your saved views, so you can take a look at the issues that still need your attention (more on that below!). 

🟡Ignored: For those issues that don’t require an immediate fix 

Since not all issues need to be solved right away, we’ve added the “Ignored” status. You can now mark issues that can wait as “Ignored” until you’re ready to act on them later. 

“Ignored” issues will show up in a separate tab under the issues view (and in your saved views) so they don’t clutter your workflow. 

🟢Resolved: For when you’ve fixed the issue 

Issues you’ve already fixed will no longer clog up your Inspector views. Similar to “Ignored” issues, “Resolved” issues will live in a separate view so you can consider them “completed” and move on to other tasks. 

Issues are marked as “Resolved in” a time or release version when you expect the issue to be resolved. For example:

  • Resolved in the next release (e.g. release version 122.15.0)
  • Or resolved in 1 hour, or within 24 hours

To help you stay on top of recurring issues, any issue that reappears after you resolve it will be marked as a regression. If you have alerts enabled for Inspector Issues, you will be notified when the issue reappears.

Dive into issues by status

We’re bringing new status tabs to Inspector, so you can choose to view only your “Unresolved”, “Ignored”, or “Resolved” issues. We’re hoping this’ll make it a lot easier to focus on issues that need solving, or to dig up a previously ignored issue you’re ready to work on again.

You can use these tabs to get a quick sense of how many “Unresolved” issues are still present within a certain branch or saved view. 

✍️ Share comments and stay on top of your issue updates

The magic, as the saying goes, is always in the comment section. We’re excited to announce that issues in Inspector are finally getting their own comment sections, as well as an activity log to help you stay up to date on recent changes. 

With comments, you’ll be able to communicate on a specific issue in a pinch, and tag your team members to weigh in on an issue you need to fix together. 

Below the comment section, you’ll also see the Activity Log—with a breakdown of when someone changed the issue’s status. Activity Log is a bit like commits in Github, where you can see time stamped changes and the team member who made the change. 

🔜 More on its way soon!

To make it easier to coordinate a fix for Inspector issues, we’re working on making it possible to:

  • Connect your task management tool to an issue
  • Connect a branch to an issue you’re working on

Connect to workflow in task management tool

You’ll soon be able to connect your task management tool of choice to your issue within the issue details view. You’ll be able to connect a single issue, or be able to select multiple issues at once and connect them to your task management solution. This should make it easier to keep track of your issues in progress, outside of the Avo platform. 

Connect to Avo branch

You’ll also be able to connect a branch to your Inspector issue within the issue details view. This will let you keep tabs on a branch where you’re working on a fix for that issue.

That’s it for now, but once again I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to support Avo. We closed out 2023 on a high, and can’t wait to share all the new features we have in store for this year to empower you on your data quality journey. 

Happy New Year! 😍