New in Avo: Faster event creation, Inspector Java SDK, and more
Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

November 1, 2022

New in Avo: Faster event creation, Inspector Java SDK, and more

Hi Avo community!

Here are a few product updates we’ve been working on over the past couple of months. Ranging from improving your tracking plan design workflow in the Avo Tracking Plan, to iterations on Avo Codegen (fka Avo Functions), to new SDKs for the Avo Inspector, and so much more!

Keep scrolling for updates on what we’ve been shipping 👇

Seamless in-context event and property creation

We’ve optimized the workflow when creating events and properties to make the creation flow more fluid when you are in the context of another item like an event, category or metric.

Now when creating a new event or property it will no longer open up the newly created event and property automatically. Rather, it keeps you in the existing context, and you can decide whether you want to keep creating more items or go into the newly created item and finish defining it by clicking on it.

Here’s a quick demo 📹

Move that web debugger

Our little web debugger has caught the eye of our users and given a feeling of accomplishment and safety by reporting on the validity of your events sent via Codegen ✅

To prevent the debugger from covering important parts of your app, now you can anchor the debugger bubble to any corner of your app with the possibility to throw in a couple of offset parameters to fine tune the position to your needs. Have a look at the docs for more information! 🎈

Source specific system properties

You can now change the presence of system properties for specific sources. Allowing specific system properties to be never sent or sometimes sent for a particular source 🎯

Check out this Loom for a video walkthrough 🚶♀️

Introducing Codegen (fka Avo Functions)

We recently renamed Avo Functions to Codegen.

We discovered a common theme in the Avo community: The Avo Functions naming was not helping folks understand what it did and those who did get it often referred to the product as the Avo code generation. So we just went ahead and decided to call it what it is: Avo Codegen

This change shouldn't affect any workflows other than the Codegen tab in your Avo sidebar having a new name. All commands via the Avo CLI are exactly the same. We also used the opportunity to update the Codegen docs to be clearer and easier to follow.

We hope you like the new name! We'd love your feedback if you find anything to be unclear in there (or anywhere).

Inspector SDK for Java 1.0

Observe your analytics implementation on your Java servers with the new Inspector Java SDK.

Check out the GitHub repo with a quick start guide and the full library reference.

Other bug fixes (🐞) and improvements (🚤)

🚤 Improve the loading speed of all Avo workspaces and branch review screens by up to 5x

🚤 Add object type to user properties

🚤 Better handling of focus states in all event and property inputs. Example: When a property has been added to an event, you can click “Enter” to start adding another one

🚤 Allow commenting on main when it’s protected

🚤 Add source count to the events sheet

🚤 Improve rendering of categories that don’t have a name

🚤 Improve enum property values support in importer

🚤 Better member invitation UX

🐞 Fix a bug where activity log persisted between different categories

🐞 Fix a bug in properties view where system property presence was always shown as “always sent”

🐞 Fix app routing to just created properties

🐞 Don’t check archived properties name mapping when creating new property names

🐞 Fix property descriptions in View changes screen

🐞 Added a missing column to the property row of the Tracking Plan CSV export

🐞 The importer handles column names with lowercase and uppercase letters


🚤 Update Codegen for latest versions of Python 3

🚤 Improve package handling in the Kotlin interface file

🚤 Avo CLI 3.2.2 with better help and error messages

🚤 Add pinned properties support in Python

🚤 Add an option to use coroutines in the Android Codegen instead of the deprecated AsyncTask

🚤 Support Snowplow in Node.js and Typescript Codegen

🚤 Enable to specify interface file path in the Avo CLI

🚤 On demand feature flags in Codegen when pulling via the Avo CLI

🚤 Swift file split (available behind a feature flag)

🚤 Specific CLI error when trying to generate code for a source that hasn’t been configured

🚤 Add more type information about parameters in Javascript Codegen

🚤 Make logger public in Swift Codegen

🐞 Fix a bug where sometimes sent system properties were not always marked as optional in Codegen

🐞 Handle reserved keywords to Swift codegen

🐞 Fix a bug when boolean values were sent as “YES” and “NO” strings from Obj-C

🐞 Add optionality to the JSDoc parameters

🐞 Add ts-ignore to Typescript Codegen


🚤 First time installation of Inspector will show data from production environments within seconds (instead of 2 hours later)

🚤 Self-hosted proxy support in the iOS Inspector SDK

As always, thanks for your invaluable feedback that allows us to make Avo better every day!

That’s all for now! Let us know what you think, and what you think we should build next, by hitting reply to this email 🤗

Love from the product team @ Avo 💛