New in Avo: Branch history, Export API beta, and more
Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

July 22, 2022

New in Avo: Branch history, Export API beta, and more

Hi Avo community!

We hope that the summer (or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere 🌍) has been treating you nicely so far!

In the last few weeks we’ve been working on enabling you to better understand what has been going on in your Tracking Plan in the past with branch history. We’re also making it easier for you to access your tracking plan systematically through an Export API. Along the way, we have also managed to make a lot of small, but important, improvements.

Keep scrolling for updates on what we’ve been shipping 👇

An exciting update for branch historians 📚

We wanted to make it easier to catch up on the latest changes in your Avo workspace – and gather information on the branches that have already been merged. So – to help you review past branches and catch up with recent updates, we’ve now added “closed branches” to your branch overview screen.

We didn’t stop there, however. We’ve also improved the loading speed of your branch overview and added new columns to include more juicy information like which sources are impacted on the branch, comment count, latest codegens, and more!

To help you tame the mess, we’ve also added the ability to sort branches by columns like name, status and, last activity.

We really hope this will come in handy. As always we’re open to suggestions and eager to hear your feedback!

Learn more in the docs, or head directly to the branch overview in your workspace to start exploring 🕵️

Fetch your Tracking Plan JSON via Export API (beta)

Connecting your Tracking Plan schemas to other tools and systems is  critical in maintaining a single source of truth. That’s why we built Publishing, which allows you to automatically keep schema registries in sync with your Avo Tracking Plan.

That’s also why we’re now launching an Export API, allowing you to fetch the JSON Schemas for your Tracking Plan wherever and whenever you want. 

Along with the Export API, we’re also introducing the concept of Service Accounts in Avo, to easily authenticate your API requests and other integrations.

The Export API is currently in a closed beta, please reach out to if you are interested in getting access and we’ll add you to the waitlist!

You can learn more about all the details of the Export API in the docs.

PS, this is just the first API of many we plan on building. If you could wave a magic wand 🪄, what kind of an Avo API would you bring into existence?  

Other bug fixes and improvements

🚤 Ever accidentally renamed your Avo workspace in the sidebar? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because we’ve moved editing the workspace name to the General Workspace settings, where it belongs. Learn more in the changelog

🚤 The Tracking Plan events view now defaults to the category view, making your tracking plan easier to parse at a glance

🚤 The API keys input for destinations are now optional. Learn more in the changelog

🚤 Significantly improved the performance of the branch overview page, it should now load faster than ever 💨

🚤 New users are now prompted to create a demo branch to quickly get to know some of the core features of Avo

🚤 Improved visual consistency in the app, starting with text style updates and more consistent buttons. This is just the beginning, stay tuned for more visual improvements  💅

🚤 Inspector 7d and 30d dashboards now display the time of day the dashboard was last updated, instead of the time the last event was seen

🐞 Removed a link to Inspector for issues detected by Avo Functions in implementation status

🐞 Fixed no branches showing up on the branches overview when the only branch was a demo branch created by someone else

🐞 Fix some texts inside buttons being colored in a default blue by some browsers

🐞 Fix the scroll position sometimes jumping to top when opening a slide-over

🐞 Fixed a bug where clicking the Developer instructions minimized the expanded area


🚤 Mixpanel EU Region support when publishing to Lexicon. Learn more in the changelog

🚤 The JSON Schema available via export and publishing now contains details about which sources and destinations are enabled for each event, more details in docs

🐞 Fixed a bug in publishing when filtering by destinations, where we were not including the correct set of sources based on the destination filters

Avo Functions

🚤 Swift codegen size reduced ~2x

🐞 Fix identifying anonymous users in Ruby via the Destination Interface

🚤 Tweaks in Python and Group properties codegens

🐞 Fix Kotlin compilation when property names contain the “$” symbol


🚤 Released Avo CLI 3.0.0 beta (stable release coming soon!). The CLI is now written in Typescript, and has a fresh set of dependencies ✨

As always, thanks for your invaluable feedback that allows us to make Avo better every day!

That’s all for now! Let us know what you think, and what you think we should build next, by hitting reply to this email 🤗

Love from the product team @ Avo 💛