Everything we launched during Launch Week
Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

March 14, 2024

Everything we launched during Launch Week

In case you missed it, we celebrated Avo’s first ever Launch Week—a chance for us to share and celebrate a host of new things and exciting updates.

Let’s get you up to speed on everything we released, including:

➡️ A whole new Avo brand, complete with a new logo, bold new colors, and fresh brand assets;

➡️ A way to get from 0 to tracking plan in 89 seconds;

➡️ Upgrades to Inspector to help you get from observability to action;

➡️ The new Inspector, live on Product Hunt. 

Bolder, braver, and truer than ever to our mission. Meet the new Avo. 🎨

What’s in a brand? Our reimagined branding for Avo is about more than a refreshed logo or a website makeover (although we’re pretty excited about those things). It’s about telling Avo’s story in a fresh, compelling way. 

Thanks to our good friends at Bakken&Bæck, we’re proud to say we were able to evolve Avo’s brand in a way that feels bold, exciting, and true to our values as a company. Feel free to dig deeper and discover how we got there. 

From zero to tracking plan faster than you can make your morning coffee ☕

It’s not always easy to start the journey to better data. We know, we’ve been there! 

That’s what motivated us to build Inspector: a solution that lets you find, fix, and prevent data quality issues in minutes. 

But our latest update to Inspector is designed to help you get to better data even faster. From now on, Avo can have your tracking plan up and running in 89 seconds. Get the stopwatch out and give it a try!

Run Inspector natively in Segment

To make it easier to get started, we’ve made Inspector available as a native Segment Destination so you can launch within a couple of clicks. 

You can install Inspector directly in your Segment environment today, and it will be available within even more of your favorite data solutions in the near future.

Move from observability to action (in minutes, not months) ✅

Inspector is here to save you from the vicious cycle of bad data. 

Meet your new data quality workflow, enabling you to systematically sort through and resolve data quality issues, one at a time. 

Our upgrades to Inspector should make it easy to get a clear view of your data quality priority list and start tackling key issues in a matter of clicks. 

Collaborate to squash your data bugs by leaving comments on issues, and tag team mates to keep them updated on your progress. 

Set up Inspector in just a few minutes to explore for yourself.

We went live on Product Hunt 😻

We celebrated Inspector’s new functionality by going live on Product Hunt! During the day, we hosted a live stream where we got together with our friends, demoed our new features, and gave away Avo swag. 

If you missed out on the action, you can catch up via the recording

As you can tell, we had a busy Launch Week, packed with exciting new releases from the Avo team. 

We’re so grateful for all the support and love we received during this major moment for us, thank you for cheering us on!