Say hello to the new Avo
Klara Arnalds

Klara Arnalds

February 19, 2024

Say hello to the new Avo

Bolder, braver, and truer than ever to our mission. Meet the new Avo.

We have reimagined Avo’s brand identity to better tell our story and to inspire our community. We can’t wait for you to see it in action. 

We’re super proud of how this work with our partners Bakken&Bæck turned out and what it represents to our team. This isn't just a new look—it's a narrative of growth, and a testament to where Avo is headed.

The brief: Crafting a future-forward identity

Our collaboration with Bakken&Bæck brought us to answering some fundamental questions about our identity and aspirations. 

A core challenge of the rebrand was figuring out the balance between credibility and creativity. As a team, we’re not trying to build just another tool in your stack, we’re here to change the game. But we’re also aware of how important trust is for B2B products, particularly in the data space. So we needed to craft an identity that says, "Hey, we've got your back with reliable data governance," while also waving our own fun flag that keeps us distinct in a sea of tech brands that—to be honest—all kind of look the same.

Using the 3-hour brand sprint template from GV (shout-out to our friends over at PostHog for the inspiration), we went back to basics and made sure we were aligned on the core of why Avo exists and what sets us apart.

The Results: Avo, reimagined

The outcome of this work is not just a refreshed logo or a website makeover—it's a brand that stands out with confidence. We kept the neon pink (although if you have a keen eye, you’ll spot a slight modification to it) as a nod to the rebellious, spirited and playful nature of our team's culture. 

The Logo

Our logo didn’t emerge out of nowhere. We wanted to use the logo to highlight three key components of Avo’s product offering: collaboration, monitoring, and implementation.

To evoke a sense of collaboration, the logo gives a nod to branched workflows within the Avo platform. Avo pioneered branched workflows for managing your tracking plan, because cross-functional collaboration between data producers and data consumers has always been at the core of our belief as a foundation of data quality. 

In the word “Avo”, the negative spaces within each letter is a distinct shape (a square, a triangle, and a circle). These shapes are a nod to “shape fitting”, the idea that the shape of your actual data should match your expected data (similar to those shape sorting toys where you pass a shape through a matching hole).

You might also notice that the Avo logo resembles angle brackets—iconic symbols that any data scientist and developer will recognize. This is a nod to implementation, and a subtle reminder that data quality can’t be achieved without a strong developer experience!


The primary typeface for the brand is Acid Grotesk, from Folch Studio. In the words of Folch studio, “Acid Grotesk has a unique character, combining a robust look with smooth curves and rounded vertex to get a more fluid and dynamic appearance”, and as such it aligns very well with the character we want to portray for Avo.

To nod to Avo’s origins and ongoing journey as a developer tool, we selected the semi-monospace font Polar Semi Mono from Frost type foundry as our secondary brand font.

We really feel our new branding is a good reflection of the Avo team and what we stand for. We’re a group of focused individuals who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of the data space and have fun while doing it. From the big neon sign we’ve put on the wall in our office, to our fiercely competitive foosball matches, we’re proud of our culture that combines determination with fun.

We hope you enjoy the new look! Let us know if this feels true to your Avo experience. And more importantly, drop us a line if you’d like to get your hands on some fresh swag. 🤩

Head to Avo and feel the brand for yourself.