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Stop choosing between product delivery speed and reliable insights.

Wouldn’t it be nice to trust your data?

Build your tracking with strong standards and proven quality so your team can trust the data to make bold decisions.

Wasting time on planning and verifying data?

Get it right the first time. Ship analytics in hours, not days or weeks. It’s not worth your time to go back and forth to plan, implement and verify analytics for every feature release – only find issues in production anyway.
Read More about how Patreon now ships quality insights in an hour, not days with Avo

Work together to ship faster without compromising data quality

Before Avo, teams have been forced to choose between product delivery speed and reliable insights.

Easy for everyone to define quality data

Avo’s tracking plan interface supports every team member – data expert or not – to define event schemas according to company standards.

Work seamlessly across multiple teams in parallel

Avo’s branched workflow and peer reviews are built for cross functional groups of stakeholders to plan, implement and govern analytics seamlessly in parallel.

Implement faster without compromising data quality

Best-in-class type safe analytics code and debuggers makes implementation easier and faster than ever. Get it right from the get go.
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How to pick your events and properties

A helpful guide on how to figure out what to measure and how to measure it

Data design in Avo

How to design your analytics tracking plan in Avo

Import your tracking plan

Import an existing tracking plan from a spreadsheet, Amplitude or Mixpanel

Day to day workflow

A step by step guide to creating tracking plan changes in Avo

Avo 101 for developers

Overview of the Avo generated file, using Avo CLI and Avo inspector to implement tracking

Who should be involved in tracking

How to collaborate with your team around your tracking plan

Make better decisions with better data

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Avo Developers

Avo delivers a world-class developer experience every engineering team can love

The best tools to work together to ship analytics tracking faster, with key features that ensure clean and reliable data using your existing analytics stack.
Using your tracking plan, Avo generates type-safe human-readable analytics code that wraps your existing analytics SDK to make adding and updating analytics events a breeze.
The Avo In-App Inspector makes it quick for developers to implement event tracking correctly the first time.

Seamless Integration

Avo works with all popular analytics providers and developer platforms, requiring no infrastructure changes to your analytics pipeline.

Increasing operational efficiency for leading organizations

"With shelter-in-place, Patreon has become a great source of income for 140,000 creators. But as we’ve scaled, with every new release we spent up to 4 days implementing or fixing analytics. Now Avo ensures we’re implementing in less than an hour, capturing our metrics accurately, and collaborating on our tracking in real-time. What has historically been a source of friction across multiple teams is now seamless.”

Jason Byttow

Engineering Manager, Patreon
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“This year we scaled to meet the demand of 100,000 new customers digitizing their deliveries and curbside pickups. The problem with every new software release was that we’d break analytics. It represented 25% of our Jira tickets.
With Avo we create analytics schemas upfront, identify analytics issues fast, add consistency over time, and ensure data reliability as we help customers serve the 12+ million monthly users their businesses attract.”

Damian Sima

Head of Engineering, Rappi

Getting started is easy

Avo is the cure to analytics debt. Install the Avo Inspector today to quickly get a deep understanding of your existing product analytics issues and how you can improve them, step by step.
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Data Security and Privacy Commitment

At Avo, we take data seriously. We ensure your data is encrypted, protected, and secure at every step of the way.

Network and Application Security

All data is transmitted over encrypted connections and stored encrypted at rest. We use TLS and AES-256 for encryption.

Company & Employees

MFA (multi-factor auth) is used to access the infrastructure console and is restricted to individual administrators.

We conduct annual pentests, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place that are tested bi-annually.

What kind of data does Avo collect?

Avo doesn’t collect any user data. We only collect the shape and type of data, not the values. Learn more here.


Avo supports SAML SSO and Google OAuth authentication.

Your data is yours to own and we will never share or sell your data.
GDPR Compliant
SOC 2 Type 2 certification in process
SOC 2 Type 2
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