Avo x Innovation Week:Data Success Stories + Foosball

5/17/2022, 17:00 GMT

90 min

Reykjavik / Online

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Tactical and strategic steps to build a reliable data foundation and a thriving data culture

Looking to level up how your company leverages data to guide product and go-to-market strategy?

Join us on Tuesday May 17 @ 17:00 GMT to hear stories from data veterans as they share their experience.

Join for tactical and strategic learnings on:

  • How to balance analytics and intuition
  • How to discover aha-moments with user behavior scoring
  • Designing good data structures and manage them as your company scales
  • How to get your team involved early in the process to create better data


How do you measure magic?
The subtle art of balancing analytics and intuition.
Kjartan Þórisson, Founder and head of product at Noona

Shortening time to insight through user behavior scoring
Kristen Martel, Product Led Growth Analytics at Grid

The Event Graph: From Hollywood to holistic view
Analytics schema modeling and event tracking with graph databases.
Kristbjörn Helgason, Senior Data Scientist at Sotheby’s

Building data cultures
Why high-leverage analytics is a cross-functional team sport.
Stefanía Ólafsdóttir, CEO and Co-founder of Avo

In collaboration with:


Kristbjörn Helgason

Senior Data Scientist at Sotheby's

Kristen Martel

Data Analyst at GRID

Kjartan Þórisson

Founder and Head of Product at Noona

Stefanía Ólafsdóttir

Co-Founder and CEO of Avo