Inherited Data Debt Part I: How To Get Started

02/07/2024, 17:00 GMT

50 min

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You've inherited a mountain of messy data. What next?

Facing the daunting task of dealing with inherited data debt, it can be hard to even know where to start.

Join us on February 7th @9:00 PST/ 17:00 GMT/18:00 CET to learn from Andrew Beaupre at Mammoth Growth on how you can align your team and get up and running on the journey to better data.

In this workshop we’ll discuss

  • Why having pristine event-based data is essential not just for product teams, but the wider business
  • Why fixing data issues upfront, at the source will save you time, resources, and sanity
  • How you can get aligned and get started on conquering data debt in a strategic way

In collaboration with


Stefanía Ólafsdóttir

Co-Founder and CEO of Avo

Andrew Beaupre

CTO at Mammoth Growth