How to set up Google Analytics 4 with high quality data

4/27/2022, 16:00 GMT

50 min

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Getting set up with GA4 is much easier than you think

With Google set to deprecate Universal Analytics next year, companies relying on Google Analytics are facing a fast-approaching deadline for future-proofing their analytics workflows.

Join us on April 27 @ 16:00 GMT to learn how to migrate to GA4 and how to set up your data to gain maximum value from the platform.

In this workshop we’ll discuss

  • What is the major difference in Google Analytics 4
  • Is there an easy way to migrate (spoiler alert: no, there isnt)
  • How to approach a new setup?
  • Should I look into alternatives?

In collaboration with:

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Timo Dechau

Founder & Chief Tracking & Analytics Engineer at deepskydata

Stefanía Ólafsdóttir

Co-Founder and CEO of Avo