We’re hitting the road and sharing a roadmap to better data
Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

April 18, 2024

We’re hitting the road and sharing a roadmap to better data

Spring is upon us and Avo is on the move, both figuratively and literally!

As things start to warm up, we’ve been thinking deeply about how we can evolve Avo’s capabilities this year. Spoiler alert: we’re working on ways to take self-serve data governance to a whole new level.

At the same time, we’ll be hitting the road (or in our case, the skies ✈️) to visit our incredible customers and partners over the next few months. We’ll share more on that, including opportunities to meet up with us in person, stay tuned for more details soon!

But for this month, here’s a snapshot of the plans we’re excited to share:

➡️ A look at Event Variants, something new we’re cooking up to enable multi-product teams to define events more granularly based on their context;

➡️ A chance for you to be part of our vision for Avo’s next chapter. 

Let’s get into it!

Introducing Event Variants (Beta): Easily implement local changes without disrupting your tracking plan

Sometimes your data governance should bend, but not break. Let’s imagine you’re a Product Manager (or you want to empower a colleague) who needs to implement changes to tracking for a specific scenario or product. Perhaps you want to borrow from the structure of one event to track something else, without breaking the tracking plan. Or maybe you want to add a property to an event that’s only applicable in a specific scenario. 

These are domain-specific examples that, if implemented, impact the whole company. In these cases, you want to get the data you need without breaking analytics for other teams. But the only way to get there is via some hacky options, or by using Triggers which only describe a scenario with an image and text. 

In an ideal world, you’d be able to modify existing data structures in a controlled, safe environment that won’t impact the rest of the business. 😇

With Event Variants, we’re working on making this both possible and easy. You’ll be able to take an existing event and spin up a “variant” of it, modifying core aspects of the event without changing it dramatically or disrupting data for other teams and colleagues. 

Once an Event Variant is created, you’ll be able to modify:

  • The title of the variant (refer to the scenario you need it for)
  • Codegen (if implemented with it or not)
  • An extended description (add a variant-specific description to its base description)
  • The list of triggers 
  • Rule overrides on the event’s base properties (for instance, pin a value of a specific property, or configure whether a property is always sent, sometimes sent, or never sent! You’ll also be able to pull in additional properties that weren’t part of the “base” event.)
  • Sources and destinations

For example, you could decide that your event should only be sent from certain sources or to a specific destination (or both), depending on the scenario. With Variants, you’ll be in control of your iterations of existing events, without breaking your data structures. 

Right now we’re opening Event Variants in Beta, so if you’d like to be an early tester of this functionality, let us know by sending an email to support@avo.sh. 😎

More exciting plans on the way in 2024

We have big plans for Avo this year, and we’d love for you to help us shape the future of Avo.

Your ongoing feedback, Canny submissions, and great ideas are both welcome and super important as we work towards enhancing the Avo platform. We’ll have more to share on that very soon.

Whether we see you on our travels, or work with you on implementing new functionality, we’re grateful and excited for everything to come this year!