Team Spotlight: Kelsey Fecho

Kelsey once got paid to do the work that Avo automates. When a former boss, Austin Hay, pointed her to Avo, she knew she'd have to join the team and amplify the work of Avo far and wide. Frustrated by inefficiencies in Fortune 500 companies' taxonomies, when she learned that it's not just costly for the team working on it and therefore the company – but that it's also bad for the planet, she knew she had do get to work. We at Avo are stoked to have a growth analytics expert promote how Avo solves exactly those challenges.

Tell us a bit about your background.

Most recently, I worked on mParticle's consulting arm, The Growth Practice. I worked on helping Fortune 500 companies set up marketing growth stacks, define and fix data taxonomies, and execute and launch marketing initiatives. Internally I'd conduct live demos with prospective customers, build proof of concepts, develop documentation and internal knowledge, and build up internal processes. Before that I was a full stack developer myself!

What led you to Avo?

I heard about Avo through the data analytics industry, and had Avo personally pointed out to me by a former boss and realised it was automating a job I found very tedious.

Not only that, but I read World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern around the same time about the massive but hidden negative impacts of tech on the planet. It links the digital to the physical and puts a carbon footprint on every single email, tweet, and search. It made me realise that these inefficient data processes and large schemas were not just bad for morale and inefficient for businesses, but bad for the environment. That means better data is not just better for teams and companies, it's better for the planet.

Better data is not just better for teams and companies,it's better for the planet.

What does working in Growth at Avo mean?

Growth is a term used to represent that Avo is growing as a company. To do that we need to grow our revenue, find more customers. My job is to make sure we are growing intelligently, having the conversations with the people who are up against these inefficient data practices and finding our perfect market fit. It's an essential part to make sure the business survives.

What makes you so interested in data and the industry around it?

We've just gone through huge movement around big data. Now everyone has these huge datasets that are cumbersome and difficult to manage. Many are asking themselves, "I have all this data – now what?". The market of how to solve that problem, how to make the data actionable, and what to do with it has become the wild west. There is lots of space for innovative solutions. What drew me to Avo is that it's inherently about using data purposefully.

Avo is at the forefront of intelligently building data that is actionable and practical. It's not about counting everything that can be counted, it's about finding what really counts.

That's incredible. Okay, to wrap this up. Can you please tell us one fact about yourself that no one else knows?

When I lived in San Francisco, I didn't know anyone so I started taking classic French pastry classes. I can whip up a mean croissant!

That's Kelsey everyone, so in summary!

Name: Kelsey Fecho

Job title: Growth

Currently lives: on the coast in North Carolina, USA

Loves to: read, cook, swim, yoga 🧘‍♀️

Book that changed my life: World Wide Waste: How Digital Is Killing Our Planet—and What We Can Do About It by Gerry McGovern

All time favorite book: Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

Favourite dessert: wine 🥂


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We send out a curated newsletter each week with industry trends, best practices in analytics, and Avo product updates.

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