New in Avo: SOC 2, branches overview, and unarchive
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Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

June 2, 2022

New in Avo: SOC 2, branches overview, and unarchive

We’re excited to announce that we’ve achieved our SOC 2 Type II certification—we also got some fresh product improvements since the last product newsletter, including a much needed branches overview, ability to unarchive items directly from the activity log and more.  

Keep scrolling for updates on what we’ve been shipping 🚤

SOC 2 Type II 🔒

Avo is now SOC 2 Type II compliant, proving our commitment to our security principles and controls. Along with the SOC 2 certification we now have automated security monitoring through Vanta that allows us to stay on top of our security practices at all times. 

For customers that are interested in receiving a copy of the SOC 2 report, please reach out to

Branches Overview

Branches are one of the most powerful features of Avo, allowing teams to draft, discuss and implement tracking plan changes without disrupting the source of truth and only commit to them once they are ready. 

The ability to create multiple branches allows organizations to work on multiple units of change at the same time but it has come with a challenge: There hasn’t been a place to get a proper overview over all the branches.

Introducing the branches overview

Your workspace dashboard now features a list of all your branches – next to the good old branch activity log. Along with the branch name you can see the branch status (finally!), collaborators, the last action date and more.

We are working on adding more info about each branch, improving the performance and displaying merged and deleted branches but we’d love to get your feedback and ideas for improvement. Head over to the branches overview on your workspace (or simply click the Avo logo in your workspace), try it out and let us know what you think 🤙

If you’re getting started using branches, check out the branches quickstart documentation.

Branches Overview in Avo

Restore archived items from the Activity Log

Now you can restore items (like events, properties, metrics, etc.) that have been archived in your Tracking Plan directly from the Activity Log on your workspace home screen.

Find the archive activity in the Activity Log, click the three dot menu on the item and select "Restore …".

Learn more about archiving and restoring items in your tracking plan in this doc.

Restore event option in the activity log

Other bug fixes and improvements

🚤 Now you can link directly to any property type (event, user, system or group properties) in your properties overview screen

🚤 Add a screen to handle the case when an item is not found in the tracking plan

🚤 Improve toasts for auto fixes in the branch audit 

🐞 Fixed a bug where the app was already routing to an item which hadn’t been created yet

🐞 Fixed a bug where the name of merged or deleted branches was not shown in the activity log header


🐞Fixed a bug where Amplitude Govern publishing was returning an unexpected 429 error


🚤 Inspector no longer reports issues when receiving int numbers when expecting floats

🐞 Fixed a bug where 24 hour Inspector dashboards were not being updated according to set schedule

As always, thanks for your invaluable feedback that allows us to make Avo better every day!

That’s all for now! Let us know what you think, and what you think we should build next, by hitting reply to this email 🤗

Love from the product team @ Avo 💛