New in Avo: Free team plan trials and fresh features!
Sölvi Logason

Sölvi Logason

March 24, 2022

New in Avo: Free team plan trials and fresh features!

Hi, Avo community!

March was a snow-heavy, storm-ridden month for the majority of our team but we didn’t let that stop us from continuing improving Avo! 

We’ve seen an increase in discussions in our Slack community, as well as more active feature requests and feedback in the past few weeks and we’re grateful to you for keeping us on our toes.

Keep scrolling for product updates 👇

By popular demand: 📣 Free team plan trials 📣

Last week, we launched a trial option for our Team plan. With the Team plan, you unlock a ton of design and collaboration features that enable you and your team to work more efficiently. 

You don’t need a credit card to activate the trial and anything you create with our paid features will persist after your trial ends! So if you’ve been wanting to kick the tires on Avo Team, start your trial today!

Name mapping – customize event and property names for different destinations

Name mapping is now available for all users on the Team and Enterprise plans. Name mapping is used to configure that an event or property should be sent under a different name to specific destinations.

Source-dependent property values

When a property is sent from multiple sources, users on Team and Enterprise can now configure which values are allowed to be sent from which sources. Source-dependent values enable you to define your tracking plan with higher precision, and higher precision = Healthier Data. 👩⚕️

Pinned properties

Pinned properties let you make a specific property always be sent with the same value. If using Avo Functions, developers won't be required to pass in value for a pinned property when the event is being sent, the value will be hardcoded in the generated code. Read the docs to learn when this comes in handy.

Flutter and Dart SDKs for Inspector

Use the Inspector to understand the health of your tracking implementation in Flutter and Dart, with the just released Inspector Flutter and Dart SDKs. Check out the the installation docs here.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • New Billing Only role available on all plans, docs
  • Allow editing a Group property type name
  • Pinned Properties now support pinning keys in objects on per-event basis 
  • Branch implementation status now updates faster when updated events are triggered
  • More readable diff view when changing property types
  • Fix a bug in the diff view when adding and removing a source on an event
  • Stop showing scroll bars in the UI where they weren’t needed
  • Fix clicking Connect in the Inspector empty screen
  • Added the option to publish webhook with a Snowplow Iglu compatible schema format

As always, thanks for your invaluable feedback that allow us to make Avo better every day!

That’s all for now! Let us know what you think, and what you think we should build next, by hitting reply to this email 🤗

Love from the product team @ Avo 💛