New in Avo: Filterable Inspector issues view
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Thora Gudfinnsdottir

Thora Gudfinnsdottir

April 14, 2023

New in Avo: Filterable Inspector issues view

One of our main goals for 2023 is to improve the data observability capabilities in Avo, from Installing Avo Inspector, to discovering important tracking issues, to fixing them. We just released the first step of that initiative and will continue working on improvements for the next several weeks. It’s important to us to make sure this work is laser focused on the needs of our users, so we would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or feedback. You can reach out to us via the chat bubble in the bottom left corner.

In addition to the big updates we’ve also been working on a bunch of smaller improvements and bug fixes ✨

Keep scrolling to learn more about how you can uncover important tracking issues faster and more easily than ever 👇

Inspector Issues View (beta) 🔎

Inspector is a powerful tool to monitor the health of your event tracking and get alerted on new issues that come up. Until now the overview of the state of tracking that Inspector provides has been in the form of a table with a list of events, highlighting the number of issues for each source. We have gotten the feedback that this overview is quite overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start to look for your most important issues.

Introducing the Inspector Issues view

We’ve now added an issues-first view to Inspector, listing all tracking issues that have been seen in production in the past 24 hours, with the ability to sort and filter issues to narrow them down to those most relevant to you. For example it can be useful to understand which issues have the biggest impact on your tracking by sorting by issue volume and issue percentage. The filters that are currently available are:

  • Source
  • Event name
  • Property
  • Issue Type
Inspector Issues view – filtered by a Web source and ordered by issue volume

When you click on an issue in the Inspector Issues table, you’ll see more details about the issue across all sources, as well as broken down by individual source. We’re still working on adding more insights, so stay tuned. We’ve also added a handy little link button to copy the URL to the issue to share with anyone you need to loop in, or paste it into your project management tool.

Learn more about the new Inspector Issues view in docs ->

Intelligent naming feedback (closed beta) 🪄

When you create or rename events and properties, Avo has been giving you feedback on the naming; highlighting or blocking inconsistencies in your casing and warning you if you might be creating duplicates.

Now, with the help of OpenAI’s GPT-4, we are trying out ✨Intelligent Feedback ✨. Relying on patterns in your current tracking plan, Avo will offer recommendations to improve consistency in your event and property names.

For example the intelligent naming feedback can suggest:

  • The order of your object and action, based on which is more common (Example: Signup Started vs. Started Signup)
  • The tense of your action, based on which is more common (Example: Signup Start vs. Signup Started)
  • Terms used in your naming, based on what is already used in your tracking plan (Example: Game Ended vs. Game Completed)
Example of Intellegent feedback

Please reach out to us at if you’d like to try it!

Branch Code Changes Overview & Audit ✅

The branch code changes just got a brand new overview page, allowing you to see the branch implementation status at a glance. We’ve also added a code changes audit above the branch merge button allowing you to merge with confidence

Code changes overview

When you click the Code Changes tab on a branch, you now land on an overview of all the sources that the branch impacts. It gives you a quick overview of the branch implementation progress and allows you to dig into which events have been implemented on each source. We’ve also made sure to communicate which events are using Codegen and which need manual implementation to give developers the correct starting point when implementing the branch changes. 

The branch code changes overview page

Branch Code Changes Audit

Additionally, Avo now displays a summary of the event implementation right above the branch merge button. That helps make sure you have all the information needed to merge that branch into main at the right time.

The code changes in the branch audit

Read more about this update in our release announcement -> 

Other bug fixes (🐞) and improvements (🚤)

🚤 Improved activity log: Link to branch for every change + tooltip for full details
🚤 Group analytics support in Node and TypeScript

🚤 Offer deletion of public link when merging branches

🐞 Fix comments not appearing in correct place for Deleted Events in Branch Implementation

🐞 Fix property description box not expanding with content

🐞 Update in-app docs for android inspector setup

🐞 Fix 'Load older activity...' button not showing up in object activity log

🐞 Fix Width of events in Code Changes if they don’t have any comments available

🐞 Fix an issue in Inspector with comparing properties with a list of booleans to the tracking plan

🐞 Inspector now merges inspector events together if it detects name mapping for some that end up in duplicate events


🚤 Reduce the size of the generated TypeScript files

🚤 Send null properties in all languages in new workspaces

🚤 Reduce number of warnings in the generated Swift code

🚤 Suppress line length warnings in Kotlin

⚙️ Support property bundles flattening in all languages

Your feedback helps us improve Avo every day! We're always grateful for your input, so let us know your thoughts and suggestions for what we should build next by opening the chat bubble in the bottom left corner.