Launching Now: Error Proof Your Analytics with Avo for PMs
Stef Olafsdottir

Stef Olafsdottir

March 2, 2021

Launching Now: Error Proof Your Analytics with Avo for PMs

Today, we are thrilled to launch Avo for PMs, a guided workflow that cuts out the busywork from your analytics process! Design better data from the start, implement it right the first time and sync it to all of your analytics tools from one place.

Import your tracking plan and get instant feedback

Why Avo for PMs

We created Avo for makers who were tired of spending more time managing their data than building their products. We know you don’t need another analytics tool. Avo works alongside your current tools to take the instrumentation process from days to hours. 

Right now, Product Managers spend countless hours…

  • ...thinking through what to instrument
  • ...working with engineers to implement it
  • ...catching errors (or often not catching errors)
  • ...verifying if it was done right
  • ...forgetting to document what it meant
  • ...staring at confusing data
  • ...or trying to dig up lost documentation 

It’s exhausting and it’s got to change. 

Avo assists you as you create new tracking, and catches issues before they get into your analytics platform.

Design better data from the start

The problem

Adding new instrumentation can be a headache. From deciding what to track to staying consistent with your naming conventions, it’s easy to get lost in spreadsheets and to add confusing events into your data. 

The solution

Avo is your tracking plan guide! As you add new events, we check your existing analytics plan and flag issues, suggest changes, and help you resolve them before you add it into your code. We’ll catch things like a naming convention inconsistency (Account Created vs account_created) and we’ll offer suggestions for reusing similar properties. 

To save time, our events, properties and definitions sync automatically to your Amplitude or Mixpanel account. So not only is it easier to design better data, Avo ensures you only need to document your plan once. 

Get started with Avo

Implement it right the first time

The problem

There are so many places a small piece of analytics tracking can go wrong—from the first definition to the implementation to shipping in production. Add to that equation multiple teams shipping changes to analytics and you end up with unusable information.

The solution

When engineering teams are instrumenting analytics, our easy to access development tools and debugger shows whether or not the event was implemented correctly. You can also use it on the web, iOS or Android to double check your tracking is in tip top shape!

Document once, sync everywhere

The problem

You have to define your events, share the plan with engineering in tickets, copy the definition in a QA plan and make sure the definition is documented in every tool you use for analysis. It’s time consuming and error prone.

The solution

With Avo, you can document your events, properties, and definitions once. Engineers can comment on your instrumentation plan and grab the implementation details from there. And you can set Avo to automatically sync with Amplitude or Mixpanel so you know the same definition you started with is right alongside your data when you go live.

Try Avo today

Are you ready to cut out the analytics busywork?

The best part about Avo is that it doesn’t require a total team workflow switch. We know it can feel daunting to add a new tool. You don’t have to toss what you’re doing today out the window. You can start small and gradually incorporate aspects of our guided workflow into your process. And you can even do it without requiring engineers to change the code. 

Get instant feedback when you import your tracking plan from Mixpanel or Amplitude! It’s free. It’s easy. And you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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PS We're passionate about great data culture and we love talking about methods, challenges and wins. Even if you’re not using Avo yet, The Right Track, our newest Slack community is a space where everyone who designs, creates or consumes data can come together. Request an invite here!