The Avo platform and Inspector

Helps teams build, track and ship clean and reliable product metrics
Across all your web and mobile apps
Using your existing analytics stack
avo workflow

Metrics matter, build it better

With Avo, you finally have a product to plan, collaborate, and deliver
clean and reliable product metrics.


Having the space to properly plan your metrics is crucial in delivering useful data. Align the team on your goals, decide how best to measure success, and design the analytics events that will get you there.


Skip endless meetings and spreadsheets and start working together to review and approve analytics changes. Every team, from data, analytics, product, and engineering, finally all have a system of record for analytics tracking across every app.


The Avo SDK and CLI help developers implement analytics with reliable type-safe code. As the events start flowing, Avo automatically validates metric data, ensuring it matches your plan, then passing it on to your existing analytics solution.
Supportive tracking plan

Easy for everyone to define quality data

Modern product teams own their own analytics – but defining good analytics takes experience. Avo helps teams democratize analytics ownership faster by preventing the most common pitfalls in data design.

Predefine property constraints add clarity

Keep property values consistent with Avo Property Constraints instead of hoping the spreadsheet description will be read by every developer and implemented correctly.

Event and property libraries prevent duplicates

Enable every team member to plan consistent data with Avo’s Property Library and Property Group library, preventing inconsistencies that happen when data is designed manually in a spreadsheet.

Casing suggestions for consistency

Maintain your company standards without the hassle of asking everybody to remember them.

Get from metrics chaos to metrics gold

Avo helps companies ship clean and functional product analytics, so they can make informed decisions that drive growth.

Work seamlessly across multiple teams in parallel

Avo is built for cross functional groups of stakeholders to plan, implement and govern analytics seamlessly in parallel.

Branched workflows for parallel work

Avo’s Branched Workflow lets multiple teams work on conflicting metrics changes without disrupting each other’s work.

Peer reviews for better alignment

Avo branches are built for comparing analytics units like events or properties, so you don’t need to parse line changes of a JSON file or Protobuf to understand the changes.

Know when analytics has been implemented

The built in implementation status gives you confidence to ship your feature knowing that the relevant analytics
Avo Developers

Avo delivers a world-class developer experience every engineering team can love

The best tools to work together to ship analytics tracking faster, with key features that ensure clean and reliable data using your existing analytics stack.
Using your tracking plan, Avo generates type-safe human-readable analytics code that wraps your existing analytics SDK to make adding and updating analytics events a breeze.
The Avo In-App Inspector makes it quick for developers to implement event tracking correctly the first time.

Seamless Integration

Avo works with all popular analytics providers and developer platforms, requiring no infrastructure changes to your analytics pipeline.
Airtight tracking code, easier than ever
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Have existing analytics debt you need to sort out?

The first step to better analytics governance is knowing what’s wrong with your data today.

Get started today on your journey to better analytics

Avo is the cure to analytics debt. Install the Avo Inspector today to quickly get a deep understanding of your existing product analytics issues and how you can improve them, step by step.

Smooth team-by-team transition to better workflows

Avo is built so a single team in large organizations can start using Avo, even before everyone else does. Build your tracking plan from the Inspector schemas or import your current tracking plan.

Avo helps you grow your business

Build a self-service analytics culture that supports everyone in making data-driven decisions with Avo.