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Done with noisy data that gets in the way?

Avo assists in auditing events and properties and flags errors and unexpected naming in your plan so your data stays clean and consistent. We check your existing tracking plan and give you instant feedback.

Stressed about new instrumentation?

Avo makes it easier to design good data while helping you create a holistic tracking plan. Catch noise before it ends up in your data set. Your charts will be easier to understand and more accurate.

Where was that event definition?!

Stop redoing work between spreadsheets, tickets, and analytics platforms. Define your events, properties, and metrics once. Sync awith your existing stack and share implementation details with developers.

Is song_started showing up in prod?!

Avo automates and simplifies your analytics verification process to keep your tracking plan always up to date. By installing the inspector, you will be able to compare planned vs actual data.

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